“Look within your self! We are all trying to travel to Outer Space, when you need first to travel to Inner Space. The World is not broken, its OUR relation with the World that’s broken.”

– John Cuevas

How deep is your love?

Our natural state of being, as one with Soul, is a harmonious state of Love, in which the only feelings are of continuous peace & bliss. Therefore if we are feeling any feeling other than peace & bliss, we have got out of balance somewhere . This is due to our conditioned & faulty thinking, which emerges as tolerations, needs & limiting beliefs. Using our emotional intelligence equips us to identify the message that Soul is sending us through these feelings so we can rectify our thinking & thus move always towards love. Peace be with you.

The gray dragon & the tower.

We live our day to day trying to make since out of what our individual purpose might be. Be kind, smile to everyone, shake their hand, hug them if you can, let them know if they need you, you are there for them. None of us are long for this ball of dirt & water. Say NO to war, don’t let some a-hole with an agenda that don’t not have, ‘peace’ written within is pages become your legacy. Be forthright, honest, cunning, daring, assertive. Mean what you say, say what you mean! Be the son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother that has no ill will in the heart, for this destroys what little we have left. In the end, of we’re not moving forward, then we must be standing still & that sucks on so many levels. God bless you & good fortune.

Some people fly & some of us worry.

I started looking at the history & the cultural components of the mystical world, how much of it was going to overlap with spirituality, religion, philosophy & poetry. So when that happened, that was really the first big turning point for me. It’s not just scam artists & a party trick. There are people in this community who are really wrestling with the biggest questions that we have as humanity, questions that we’ve been wrestling with since we’ve had conscious thought.

A word from our sponsor.

According to the teachings of Buddha, all of us suffer from our own delusions, & all of us are living in a kind of self-created state of dissatisfaction. This is why compassion is such an important part of Buddhism. Once you realize that just like you, everyone else is struggling too, your heart begins to open & the annoying, hurtful things that people do start to become less offensive, & more about an opportunity to show compassion.

Is it wrong to seek out a Tarot reading if you believe in religion?

Not at all, there are subjects our Bible can not answer. Flat out. & to seek these answers one must look deeper into & seek out folks that have Esoteric knowledge for their brand of knowledge is one of a kind. May your question be, anxiety / stress related, behavior modification, lucky numbers, dating forward slash relationship advice, Suicide Prevention, business predictions. All these questions have answers. The house of the man in black

The little engine that did!

No one is kept from achieving their personal goals or objectives. If folks have a want, a drive, a dream, then nothing is outta reach. Is it a question of, ‘skill set’? About ‘money’? Opportunity? If you wait, it will NEVER come. YOU MUST become the hunter. You MUST become a person of action! A person of passion! You must LOVE YOU! Focus, breath, feel. We will get through this together.

Viver y deja Viver!

Live & let live,

We have but a blink of an eye on the planet to enjoy, to think, to make, to try out. But some CAN’T & won’t ever see it in this fashion. Don’t worry about these fools, they will either find there own path, or the won’t. Just stay out of their path, your BLESSINGS belong to you, your BLESSING are on YOUR path.

Tenemos masque unos momentos en esta vida para disfrutar de nuestro planeta, para pensar, para aser, para calar. Pero aya unos que no Pueden o NUNCA van a poder ver este punto de vista. No se procupe de estos que van perdidos, ellos van ayar su comino propia o no la van a encontrar, esto no te incombe. Tus BENDICIONES, estan justamente en TU camino. TUS BENDICIONES son solamente para ti.